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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Don't forget Norway!

Left: The Blue Mosque of Oslo.

As nationalist parties across Europe are finally gaining success, thus giving indigenous people a voice for the first time in decades, for some reason Norway is still totally passive.

The Progress Party currently seems to be the first choice of patriotic Norwegians.

Unfortunately they appear to be more along the lines of UKIP, rather than true Nationalists.

The Independent reported back in 1997

The Progress Party, a neo-Thatcherite grouping led by charismatic former businessman Carl Hagen, gathered the protest votes of Norwegians who feel their massive oil wealth is being poured into the wrong pockets. The Labour government has launched a Petroleum Fund to mop up the billions of oil dollars flooding into the economy, but opinion polls showed Norwegians felt their health and welfare services and schools were suffering.

Even though it becomes the country's second-largest party, Progress is not likely to be invited to join any government. Other parties consider its policies intolerable - especially those calling for tighter immigration and refugee policy. Article

The Progress Party haven't done much over the past thirteen years going by the situation in Norway today.

The author can personally relate to the little boy in the video below, as the author also went to a school which was majority Muslim.

It is abhorrent that any European youngster should be a minority at school in his own homeland.

Norwegians we are with you!

No surrender!


Anonymous 5 October 2010 at 18:42  

I have been to Trondheim in central Norway and there are not many non white faces to be seen there. Not like Oslo.

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