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Friday, 28 May 2010

T.V presenter Adrian Chiles is 'terrified' of covering the world cup. In 2003 he said he wanted his daughter to marry a black/Asian man!

Adrian Chiles and family.
After claiming in 2003 that "White people can't talk about whiteness without sounding racist". Article


"I would love my daughter to marry an Asian or black man."

"I hope it will help to reduce racism in future."

Recently he said: Article

(Speaking at the launch of ITV’s World Cup coverage) “The security briefing is absolutely terrifying. I’ve got to be careful but I’m sure I’m very low down the list of threats. We have a security guard who is very measured. I said to him: ‘I like to run a lot, can I go running?’ He said: ‘No, forget it.’

Typical left wing hypocrisy. Idiot's like Chiles are living in an absolute fantasy land, the philosophy is 'if I am nice, everyone (including non whites) will be nice back'.

Chiles was also the presenter on the One show when Carol Thatcher was sacked over a lighthearted Golliwog comment.

It was clear then Chiles was a spineless Liberal when he didn't speak up for her.

Presumably Chiles would like his daughter to marry a black man, but not one from South Africa?


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