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Monday, 10 May 2010

Taxpayers face £13 billion bailout after Alistair Darling caves in

Remember the Lisbon treaty referendum we never had? Remember the European Union referendum we never had?

The British people have forgotten the lies from Labour and decided not to punish them at the election. Less than one week later this choice is bearing it's rancid fruit.

From The Telegraph

The Chancellor, representing Britain until a new government is formed, was forced to participate in a £95billion "stabilisation mechanism" aimed helping European Union countries that face a debt crisis.

The decision followed a crisis meeting in Brussels to discuss the financial turmoil that has raised doubts about the future of the euro. It exposes the British taxpayer to £9.6 - £13 billion in liabilities should Spain or Portugal go the way of Greece.

Mr Darling had no choice but to surrender because the decision was taken under a Lisbon Treaty "exceptional occurrences" clause that stripped Britain of its veto. Read more


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