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Monday, 24 May 2010

Asian care home manager and his family steal 30k from elderly woman

Light sentences for Asian family who stole 30,000 from elderly English lady who lived at their care home.

The Birmingham Mail reports A part-time manager at a Birmingham care home, her husband and her sister-in-law who plundered the life savings of an elderly resident suffering from terminal cancer have all been jailed.

The three quickly siphoned off over £30,000 from the vulnerable victim’s account and spent it on luxuries including clothes, jewellery, DVDs and even sex toys. Saika Shoukat, 26, Sulaman Shah, 28, both of Alerton Road, Hay Mills, and Khadija Shah, 23, of Whitehall Road, Handsworth, all admitted a charge of theft.

Sulaman Shah, who was described as the prime mover, was jailed for two years, his wife, Shoukat, for 18 months, while Khadija Shah received a 12-month prison sentence.
Judge Rupert Mayo said: “This case involved a despicable and sustained breach of trust.

“The victim Kathleen Clarke, now sadly deceased, was living out her last years in a residential home. She suffered from dementia and was terminally ill from cancer.” At the age of 83 she relied on staff at a residential home in Washwood Heath for all her needs.

The judge also described it as a mean and nasty offence and said it was difficult to understand how Shoukat could have looked Mrs Clarke in the eye as she and the other defendants were plundering her account. Read more


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