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Sunday, 9 May 2010

British National Party save deposit in 4 out of 7 seats in Birmingham

Constituency Votes % Vote % change

Hodge Hill 2,333 5.5 +2.0

Yardley 2,153 5.3 +1.4

Northfield 2,290 5.5 +2.2

Erdington 1,815 5.1

The British National Party in 2005 total number of votes 192,746. Total number of votes 2010 election 563,743 which is an overall gain of +1.2.

Respect on the other hand only fielded one candidate in Birmingham Salma Yaqoob.
Their vote dropped from a total of 68,094 in 2005 to 33,251 in 2010 which is a overall drop of -0.1. They also lost their only MP George Galloway and failed in their other two target seats.

The Green Party gained one seat but grew only slightly. Total vote 2005 257,758 total vote 2010 285,616.

The BNP also got more votes Nationally than The Scottish National Party 491,386, and Plaid Cymru 165,394.

The local picture

In Shard End ward the BNP came 3rd and beat the Lib Dems. Green Party 70, English Democrats 98, National Front 98, UKIP 308, Lib Dems 1,110, BNP 1,177.

The highest BNP ward vote in Birmingham was achived in Billesley 1,235 4th place.

The British National Party are now clearly the fourth party in Birmingham.
For example in Northfield ward UKIP polled 526, the Green Party polled 215, and the British National Party polled 993.

In South Yardley the BNP was also a comfortable fourth even though UKIP and the National Front stood against us. Green Party 187, National Front 127, UKIP 341, BNP 681.

This pattern was repeated wherever the BNP stood in Birmingham.


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