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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

South Birmingham target ward leafletted in two weeks

Left: Ward Map of Billesley.

South Birmingham BNP have delivered local election leaflets to 90% of households in Billesley in two weeks!

A team of six regular activists aided by a couple of extra helpers have worked non stop to make sure virtually every resident in Billesley has received a local election leaflet.

Residents who have thanked the team or expressed their interest in the party have also been given a free VOF newspaper, as have the many patriotic Billesly residents who fly the St George flag proudly from their homes.

The response has been truly inspiring in this target ward. The organisers phone often rings, with calls of support from people who have just received a leaflet, as well as general questions about the British National Party.

This brief campaign has shown what can be achieved by sound planning and staunch dedication by a small number of activists. The low life UAF chose not to show their faces at all in the area, as they know all to well the genuine support our branch enjoys there.

Thanks to the organiser for the professional planning involved, the candidate, and the activists who who gave up their free time. You know who you are.


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