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Monday, 17 May 2010

Black widows on benefits

Guns next? Suicide bomb burka?

If this wasn't so shocking we might be tempted to say Stephen Timms (Labour) has reaped what he has sown, taking into account Labour's third world immigration policies.

But then we are not blood lusting maniacs like Roshonara Choudhary and the other Jihadist's who live amongst us. No, this guy has a family and was doing his job. I hope this woman goes away for a very long time.

The Daily Mail reports A woman has been charged with attempted murder over the stabbing of a former Labour minister. Stephen Timms was stabbed twice in the stomach as he held a surgery for constituents on Friday afternoon.

Unemployed Roshonara Choudhary, 21, will appear before Stratford Magistrates' Court tomorrow. Mr Timms was attacked during his regular Friday afternoon surgery in his East London constituency. Choudhary, wearing what appeared to be Muslim dress, allegedly lunged at him and stabbed him twice before being restrained by a security guard and arrested.

An aide to Mr Timms was hailed a hero after it was revealed he wrestled the knife out of the hands of his attacker. Andrew Bazeley, 22, bravely disarmed the woman, who had made an appointment to see Mr Timms at his surgery. Read more


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