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Thursday, 6 May 2010

English Defence League protesters appear before Dudley magistrates

Support the EDL. Say no to the Dudley mega mosque. Although there is already a mosque just one mile away from the proposed site, muslims in Dudley want a huge mega mosque.

The decision has been turned down, reinstated, and apparently turned down again. One thing is for sure the people of Dudley DO NOT WANT this symbol of Islamic conquest in their ancient city.

From the EDL website

A Sad Reflection Of The Times We Live In.

Why is it that people who actually stand up for their country, who defend their country, who love and cherish their country, become the persecuted IN their country??? Its a baffling scenario for sure, but for those who feel threatened by the English Defence League this is only a natural course of action. The politically correct do gooders have, lets face facts, only exacerbated this mess we now live in by empowering those who hate the non Muslim community.

Two of our lads are braving a legal storm of what would seem gargantuan proportions, the severity of which makes you think what possible kind of heinous crime could they have committed to warrant a breach of their human rights? Their crime....... Climbing on top of a roof and making a stand against the Islamisation of Dudley by publicly opposing the building of yet another mega mosque and Islamic village! And for those who have very short memories this mosque was never wanted or even welcomed by the vast majority of local Dudley people who signed a petition to stop it, but since when have this government ever really listened to the people? They think its their moral duty to run roughshod over the will of the people they claim to govern, such attitudes WILL be challenged time and time again. Read more


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