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Saturday, 8 January 2011

World Diversity Leadership Summit - Europe

Left: Two speakers from The World Diversity Summit 2010 (Vienna)

In 2008 The World Diversity Leadership Summit (WDLS) was held in New York.

The WDLS proposes two standpoints at the same time.

on the one hand they say (prepare yourself for some intensive Multicultural race hustling claptrap)

'organisations will need to find new ways to ensure the identification, nurturing, progression and retention of global talent in order to stay competitive'

The aforementioned passage is from the PDF program for the WDLS second day, at 1:30, under the heading Diversity and Gender Recruitment (there were several speakers on the subject).

The above passage suggests that companies/organisations who do not recruit staff from foreign countries will not be able to 'stay competitive' (survive).

This is multicultural claptrap and totally erroneous.

Ever since the NHS has become multicultural and recruited staff from countries from every corner of the globe, the quality of the service/care has hit an all time low.

Several patients have been killed by so called 'global talent' doctors who have given incorrect doses of medication for example.

Also, the aforementioned description of that segment of the summit (Diversity and Gender Recruitment) includes nothing regarding gender?

On the third day of the summit, a segment suggested the opposite of 'organisations will need global talent to stay competitive'.

Instead they switch to 'inclusiveness'.

Day 4 - Organisational connectivity: A new framework for understanding and managing recruitment.

Still awake?

Organisational connectivity, which is based on the field of social network annalysis, is an innovative method of uncovering and studying communication patterns and social relationships within a company.This type of valuble information (sounds valuable) does not appear on any organisational charts, but it can provide vivid collaboration and inclusiveness within a group of people. This session provides an overview of how these tools are used to understand these group dynamics and improve organisational effectiveness and inclusion.

It appears that this segment is basically masking the simple assertion: 'companies/organisations have a duty to include a diverse mixture of people'.

Race hustling is evolving, this type of language is designed to make the speaker sound intelligent.

It suggests the subject is somehow scientific and advanced.

The only science this language is advancing is multicultural gangsterism and Liberal/Marxist sanctioned 'race hustling'.

Left: More speakers from the 2010 conference.

In the authors view Europeans are awakening to the disenfranchisement and blatant anti white racism of 'Affirmative action' and 'Positive Discrimination'.

As America and Europe become ever more swamped by immigrants, ever more elaborate language and chicanery is being employed to mask anti white racism, using terms such as 'inclusiveness' and 'Diversity and Gender Recruitment' instead of the more obvious 'Affirmative Action' and 'positive Discrimination'.

Don't swallow this farce, reject the 'Inclusive' brainwashing and refuse to sit through a patronising 'Diversity workshop'.

Why should our taxes be spent on propaganda and Liberal hogwash which preaches to us - the least able/capable should be promoted at the expense of the more able?

Japan is amongst the least 'Diverse' countries on the planet, yet they are in the top five economies, only recently being overtaken by China!

In 2010 The World Diversity Leadership Summit was held in Vienna Homepage.

The organisation which holds the annual summit was funded by (amongst others)The British Council - the tax funded British Council contributed 165 million pounds sterling.

You can watch the video of the 2010 Vienna summit here

2010 WDLS programe booklet


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