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Monday, 10 January 2011

Outrage! BNP candidate for Oldham MR Dereck Adams forcibly removed from Hustings by Police

Left: MR Dereck Adams at the Hustings meeting before being removed following a complaint from the Labour Party.

There was no reason to remove the BNP candidate, Labour has sunk to a new low by complaining to the police and requesting the removal of MR Adams.

Spread the word, only the British National Party defends the freedoms of the British people.

Why didn't any of the other candidates speak up for MR Adams?

Utterly disgraceful!


The Main BNP website Website reports

"Our candidate and our volunteers from all over the country are doing us proud in this election,” he continued.

“But we still have four more days to go and we need to keep the momentum up right through to 10pm on Thursday night.

“The last week is set to be the most important of the full campaign. Join other activists to help Mr Adams secure a strong BNP vote,” Mr Jefferson said.

Mr Adams is leading and directing the efforts on the ground, so please contact him to book in yourself or your team to assist on 07513 470349 or by email at northwest @

If you are not able to help on the streets, then please click here to donate directly to the Oldham campaign or ring 0844 809 4582 to donate over the phone. If our operators are busy please call again.


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