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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Houston USA - Police Believe Child Was Killed With Welding Torch

Left: Mona Nelson, Jonathan Foster (R.I.P).

Another sickening black on white murder from the USA.

Police are apparently struggling with a motive for the shocking crime - how about 'race hatred'?

Just a suggestion.

H/T Amrem

Click 2 Houston reports - "We're talking crematorium-type of hot," said one Houston Police Department Homicide Squad officer assigned to the investigation.

Police said they confiscated a badly burned section of carpet from the home of Mona Yvette Nelson, 44, who stands charged with capital murder.

She had a welding background and police found welding equipment in her home on Allwood Street in the Fifth Ward area of Northeast Houston. Police said a section of carpet was badly burned and the smell of a human body filled the area around that carpet.

DNA tests are being ordered to analyze any bodily fluids.

One investigator assigned to the case said it now appears Foster was killed at that spot in Nelson's home within hours of being kidnapped from his family's home near Shepherd Drive and 43rd Street in Northwest Houston.

Police say she was acquainted with some members of the boy's family.

One officer said on Friday that the autopsy has ruled out any trauma on the child's body. There were no broken bones or any signs of strangulation or head wounds, so officers said it now appears the child was killed with a welding torch that could be capable of 6,000-degree flames.

"I've never seen burns like this," said one officer who viewed the boy's body after it was found in a ditch off the Hardy Toll Road on Tuesday.

He said that killers often try to cover their tracks by burning the victim's corpse, but in this boy's case, the burning was so intense and thorough that many veteran homicide investigators are struggling with the notion of such a grisly and painful way to die.

Nelson told a community activist from behind bars that she had nothing to do with killing the boy, and she mentioned her own grandchildren as proof that she would never harm a child in such a manner. Read more


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