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Saturday, 22 January 2011

‘The Battle of Cable Street’ – 75 years on

Left: The Communists got their way following the national trauma of WW2.

Great isn't it?

With the 75th anniversary of the battle of Cable street approaching (4th October 2011) the far left will be ramming their version of history down peoples throats.

The below video rights some wrongs about the story however, do your own research, don't take the word of Communists who worship mass murderers such as Lenin and Stalin.

The left will also fail to mention Oswald Mosley was a Labour politician initially and although being an aristocrat, he had a natural and sincere bond with the working class.

The Leftist traitors will also omit that after WW2 Labour stole many of Moseley's policies, such as; pensions for the poor and decent council housing for working families.

We will pass - Britain for the British!

Read Sir Oswald Mosley autobiography 'My Life'


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