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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Oldham and Saddleworth campaign update - 12/01/2011

Left: British National Party election leaflet for Oldham and Saddleworth.

It has truly been an outstanding start to 2011 for The British National Party.

The sad story of young white girls being drugged, raped and pimped by British born Muslims has finally come out.

Although the British National Party chairman has been highlighting the issue for ten years, and was almost convicted of religious hate speech twice for bringing the truth to peoples attention, both Labour and UKIP have tried to high jack the issue.

***The British National Party will contest the Barnsley by-election, caused by the resignation of convicted Labour Party criminal MP Eric Illsey, the party has announced.

Preparations are already underway to select a candidate, and an announcement in this regard will be made at a special meeting in the constituency on 29 January, reports Doug Ward, Yorkshire British National Party press officer.

Even though many Brits still choose to close their eyes to the truth and plug themselves into Eastenders and X-Factor, surely a sizable proportion of the constituents of Oldham realise that Nick Griffin and the British National Party are the only force for truth (without compromise) in Britain today?

Birmingham British National Party members joined the Stourbridge organiser, Dereck Adams (Oldham British national Party candidate), Simon Derby and party chairman Nick Griffin MEP to leaflet the constituency, four other groups of patriots from around the country were also leafleting today in Oldham and Saddleworth.

Responses were good and morale was high.

We encountered one 'lone' Labour activist on our travels and saw no sign of the Marxist morons from the UAF!

Micheal Crick from News night showed up towards the end of our session and interviewed MR Nick Griffin MEP and the candidate MR Adams, for comical effect a Liberal Democrat activist had his 'fifteen minutes' with the news night correspondent, yes he used the 'R' word (predictably).

News night 12/01/2011 watch here (forward to 8:22)

No surrender to the Lib/Lab/Con.

Vote BNP!

Simon Darby interviews Dereck Adams PCC for oldham and Saddleworth


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