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Friday, 14 January 2011

UAF rent a thugs attempt to attack Nick Griffin MEP

Left: Black UAF activist holds a sign calling the British National Party 'thugs' - oh the irony!

The extreme Marxists of the UAF think they can attack people who they don't agree with, very few of them live in multicultural areas and know nothing of the experiences of white British people who are minorities in their own country.

It is not unusual for them to stand behind Muslims and incite them to violence, or grab a random black man and use him for their own sick aims.

Who do these Muslim loving, Trotsky worshipping hypocrites think they are?

Demotix reports - Nick Griffin was forced to retreat from the Frontline Club after he was there to take part in a Q&A panel session on the film 'The Battle for Barking'.

Members of Unite Against Fascism (UAF) waited for British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin to arrive at the Frontline club in Paddington where he was due to hold a Q&A session on the documentary film 'The Battle of Barking'.

He arrived promptly at 1900 hours at which point many people ran towards him shouting 'GET HIM!!'

Mr. Griffin's security detail protected him with one spectacular scuffle in the street. They also used some sort of spray ink, which got one cameraman and one protester in the face.

Numerous police rushed to the scene.

Realising he could not get into the club, Mr Griffin ran back with his security guards 200 metres to the Norfolk Towers Hotel to regroup. After roughly ten minutes he got in a car parked outside the hotel and drove around the corner.

It is uncertain whether he made it into the club or whether he made a full retreat.

The Frontline Club is "the London hub for a diverse group of people united by their passion for the best quality journalism."

It also consists of a restaurant and tonights actions must have been quite a spectacle for those dining at the time.

Battle for Barking explores the run up to the 2010 General Election in Barking, a former stronghold for the fiercely conservative British National Party headed by Nick Griffin.

Campaigning against Labour candidate Margaret Hodge, Griffin and the rest of the BNP grant unprecedented access to director Laura Fairrie as the race garners international attention.

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