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Thursday, 5 November 2009

What would Mr Smith make of it all?

Whites were targeted when government supporters attacked opposition protesters

During the eighties there were about 500,000 white farmers in Zimbabwe. At the turn of the millennium there were about 200,000. Now, there are a handful of them and Mugabe has given fresh directives to evict White Zimbabweans from their lawful farms and homes. White farmers after being stripped of their citizenship and forced into exile.

White farmers and other white nationals have faced untold misery in Former Rhodesia and many have been killed, maimed or forced into exile. Mugabe’s recent birthday bash cost $250,000 and it is rumoured much of the money came from selling formerly white owned farms illegally. Unfortunately, world has turned its back on the sufferings of Rhodesians who have had their humble lives snatched away from them.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Zimbabweans continue to rot in cholera infested areas while the evil dictator continues his reign of terror in this small land locked nation known for its beautiful scenery
and warm people. Rhodesians have continued to form online groups to discuss their plight and most have either relocated to South Africa, New Zealand, U.K. and other English speaking countries. They are not welcome in these countries either.

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Slides 80 to 86 are most interesting. Why are we still paying aid to Zimbabwe MR Brown? Why are Nelson Mandela, Kofi Anan, The Labour party, and Ban Ki Moon so silent about the anti white savagery going on in Zimbabwe? ic1male.


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