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Friday, 27 November 2009

Series 1 | Episode 1 | Who You Callin' A Nigger?

Spot the white competition featuring Darcus Howe.

The Darcus Howe series of documentaries have been interesting. The last show 'who you callin' a nigger?' included an interview with some young Pakistanis in Walsall (West Midlands). Their disrespect for an elderly man was quite shocking. It seemed like Howe presumed they would treat him as a 'brother'. Instead they insulted him, acted aggressively, and warned they would steal his camera equipment.

He also talked to black youth who had been 'jumped' by up to 20 Asian youths. I can relate to that personally growing up in a Pakistani area of Birmingham. Although there was no mention of what whites go through in area's which they are the minority, at least it didn't try to blame all racial tension on whites, as the LibLabCon continuously do.

Towards the end of the program Howe attends an Indian wedding and speaks to the guests. The Indians he spoke to all said similar things when asked about black people. They said lazy and uninterested in work. Howe again was dumbstruck by these comments and reiterated his earlier story of how united the non whites of Britain were in the 60's and 70's.

For a man who in the previous documentary on more 4 'White Tribe' kept talking about a people (native Britons) living in the past, i thought the comments about the 60's and 70's black/Asian unity somewhat hypocritical. The left watching 'who you callin' a nigger' must have been in sociological meltdown as they witnessed animosity boardering on hatred between the different communities in Balkanised Britain.

To conclude, i salute Mr Howe, regardless of his racial anti white outbursts in the first documentary 'whats eating Marcus Howe?'. I salute him because he spoke truthfully and without politically correct shackles. No big fan of English people he makes this clear and doesn't apologize. Is it annoying he says things that white people wouldn't dare speak of openly...yes. Where i think Howe is mistaken most profoundly is illustrated by his statement..."the English/British are finished, their culture is dead!" This doesn't tally with an earlier statement of his... "They were all waving England flags, I've never saw that before in my life!"

I could only find a clip of Who you callin' a nigger?


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