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Monday, 30 November 2009

There is no room for interpretation

So the SVP have successfully banned the building of minarets in Switzerland, who says nationalism can't achieve anything? Meanwhile the left so how out of touch they are with their response on the Socialist Unity blog
"Islam is as European as it gets, think of Spain as a Muslim country, an oasis of tolerance and culture in the 14th century."
Hmmm yes, paying the Jizrah, not being able to accuse a Muslim of anything under Sharia law, not being able to build buildings as high as Muslim ones, and being treated as second class in your own country. It shows how out of touch these champagne socialists are.

Meanwhile we should be more than happy with this outcome. It will help energize our struggle against militant Islam and prove to the doubters we can get things done. For a start there should be no more mosques aloud at all in Birmingham. We already have approximately 100 in our city.

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