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Friday, 27 November 2009

Compelling viewing on More 4 Bleach, nip, and tuck

Could wishing to be white burn silently inside many black people in the U.K? Might this explain some of the hatred our youth are experiencing in the playground and on the streets? It made me think of when i was on a bus in Northfield recently. A group of black boys were sitting at the back of the bus, being loud as usual. A few white kids were in the other chairs quiet as sheep. One of the black boys said "look at his yellow hair, how could you walk round with yellow hair?" I turned and looked at him as if to can you of all people make fun of someones hair! What if there was a lone ginger haired guy on the bus i thought.

Channel four may agree to racial quota's which is why there are so many black newsreaders on their network. It is cowardly to not stand up against that. The programme called 'The Face' is very honest however and i recommend people watch it. Warning, it is quite graphic in parts, I'm squeamish and managed to watch it all.

The two part series examines the emerging trend for deracialisation surgery through the stories of six people who want to go to extreme lengths to westernise their bodies and faces. The second programme, The Face , follows three people who are desperate for 'whiter' facial features. It also explores how westernisation surgery is thriving across the globe: from double eyelid and 'face smashing' surgery in South Korea, to nose jobs in Pakistan.


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