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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Black teenager throws glass bottle at BNP activists

Article from The London Patriot

I am very angry, I was a victim of a violent attack on Thursday the 5th of November 2009.

While waiting at Becontree station at 7 PM with Richard Barnbrook and 2 other BNP activists to start leafleting the area, on the other side of the road behind a plastic barrier (roadworks), there were roughly 12-15 black teenage guys loitering on the footpath. I think someone recognised Mr Barnbrook, one of them threw a glass bottle at us and it missed me by a few inches. After a few minutes of abuse from them a few went to the station, jumped the barrier without a ticket and the others ran away. Mr Barnbrook had called the police, who arrived 10-20 minutes later and tried (sic) to catch them in the tube.
Someone could have been badly injured and I am incandescent with rage.

I suspect that with news Nick Griffin may stand in B & D as a BNP candidate for the constituency, these attacks will grow in intensity. NuLabour has an awful lot to answer for.

They know the BNP has a very good chance of taking control in Barking & Dagenham and they clearly want to stop us by any means neccesary, as debate does not suit them, then physical violence is their preferred option.

They not only tolerate, but also push people from every ethnic background to intimidate and attack us with the clear aim of scaring our members and supporters (how wrong can they be?)
I’m also sure pressure is put on teachers to encourage students that anti-social behaviour and physical violence are tolerated so long as the targets are BNP activists.
Therefore, I lay blame at the feet of NuLabour and the other politicians of the Tripartite Alliance for this behaviour, and I urge every nationalist to vent his/her anger on our elected politicians.
A good start would be to complain to every Barking & Dagenham councillor ( except BNP ones of course.


Red Squirrel 11 November 2009 at 15:39  

This is awful. We should be able to retaliate because this is the only language that vicious thugs understand.
I was vilified on a red site for 'daring' to say that if anyone broke into my home with the intent of harming me would get a hammering, and/or the dog would get them anyway. I think that I am quite within my rights to warn them that I have a very bad temper.
But we are sitting ducks on the streets unless we are skilled at unarmed combat. The bloody police should be ashamed of themselves for not bothering to respond to violent incidents. Everybody is entitled to the protection of the law, supposedly. It makes my blood boil too!
Glad you are OK mate!

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