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Monday, 13 December 2010

USA - white girl raped by black boy at school, black principle doesn't even report to police!

Left: Muncie,Indiana High School: 1917 - no rapes at school in those days.

For anyone who is still unsure if there is something terribly wrong in western society, this story might finally convince you.

For some reason the principle didn't report the rape of a white (female) pupil by a black (male) pupil.

Could it be because black teachers, and white liberals, will do anything to cover up the mass rape and murder of white people (by blacks), on both sides of the Atlantic?

Are they desparate to cover up these crimes because they prove multicultralism has failed miserably?

What other reason is there?

h/t Diversity is crap

16 year old rapist to face adult charges


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