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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Another day in 'muticultural' Britain - another sickening attack by an 'enricher'

Left: Police released CCTV in a bid to catch this man, believed to have beaten the mother unconscious in front of her three-year-old daughter.

Innocent people are being attacked in front of their children.

Just two weeks ago a white couple were attacked in a Harvester pub by five 'enrichers' in front of their children!

The black attackers also called the kids 'white devils' Read here

Both these attacks were by black people against innocent Brit's who were with their kids.


The EDL DO NOT do so, they have not mentioned one black on white crime since they appeared in 2009.

Islamic extremism is not our only problem.

The author of this blog wishes the EDL the best of luck.

However you can't vote for them, while the EDL goes round the country on tour, Muslims are being elected to more and more political positions.

Meanwhile U.K style 'affirmative action' (Positive Discrimination) is unfairly promoting black/Asian people to higher positions, ignoring the fact they are often unqualified and/or incapable to fill such positions.

The EDL also fail to mention the scandalous amount of foreign aid that our bankrupt country is still paying to countries that hate us.

We need political representation at all levels.

Please think on these facts readers.

The Dail Mail reports
- A disabled mother thought she was going to die when she was viciously attacked after her child's pram collided with another on a crammed bus.

A furious parent launched a violent attack on the 36-year-old woman, when there was no space for his buggy too, calling her a 'fat b****' and saying 'I'm going to f****** kill you.'

The mother said up to 80 fellow passengers 'did not even call the police' when her head was repeatedly slammed against the floor while her husband tried to protect her and their three-year-old daughter.

She was left with head injuries and needing hospital treatment.

Unbelievably, a handful of passengers even laughed (sic) as they watched the man hurl a torrent of abuse before launching the sickening attack on the couple he thought were in his space.

Their ordeal began when the man got on the bus and demanded that she make room for his child’s pushchair.

'I just wasn't expecting it at all,' the mother, who suffers from auto-immune disease lupus, told MailOnline.

'It was 2pm on Saturday afternoon and we were on our way back from picking up my medication.

'I didn't refuse to move, I didn't have anyway to go. There were suitcases in the buggy area too and I was jammed right into a corner.'

But when she did not make space, the attacker began punching and kicking the woman and her husband as others on the bus just watched. Read more


Anonymous 8 December 2010 at 19:38  

original founder of the EDL 'Lionheart' ?

And the green arrow was in bravo two zero and was the one that got away.Come Northfield patriot you usually do some good right ups but paul rae (the lionheart)come off it the bloke is off his rocker.When can we expect Birmingham BNP to be on the city centre streets or is it all still nudge nudge wink wink and follow the messages in the christmas crackers ?

Anonymous 8 December 2010 at 20:22  

He was a founding member to my knowledge?

Birmingham BNP have been on the streets of Birmingham, and ward meetings, and election counts, and holding table tops for the last ten years.

Two years ago UKIP came along and split the vote.

One year ago the EDL came along with the Jewish flags.

Don't you think it's strange that the government hasn't banned the EDL already?

I have nothing against the EDL, but why do they support UKIP/Atlas Shrug types instead of the British National Party?

If all the ones who support the EDL voted BNP then we might get somewhere between us.

Anonymous 8 December 2010 at 21:05  

So UKIP and the EDL took all the vote away from the BNP ? The BNP has imploded itself into a one man band hence the lack of activity and mass non membership renewal because of the current leaders alter ego.Lets just say and i hope the whole country went out voted the BNP the vote would rigged to high heaven the same as the 12 good councillors in Barking & Dagenham loosing all their seats this year.British politics is dead as its rotten to the core.

Anonymous 8 December 2010 at 21:51  

Anonymous - I didn't say that UKIP and the EDL have taken all our votes, I think you know what I meant.

UKIP have taken (many) votes from us as people are not afraid to vote for them, I'm sure you will agree it is disgusting that people can lose their jobs for being a member of a legal political party?

I will not comment on the leadership issue, but remind you that our current chairman has been more successful than any other British Nationalist leader in history.

We have 2 MEP's and our vote did triple in the 2010 election.

Dissapointment of not getting any MP's is the main cause of activism slowing down.

If not for UKIP we may well have got some MP's, strange how UKIP appeared just in time wouldn't you say?

Voter fraud deffinately is a problem, Birmingham is the voter fraud capitol of Europe!

However, if the support was high enough they couldn't diddle us, that's why it's important that activists attend election count's and keep their eyes peeled.

I'm not saying that the EDL street action isn't overdue, but you can't have street marches and be a serious political party at the same time.

Demorgraphics are against us and time is short.

The EDL and BNP have common enemies, and they are powerful, hopefully we can work in parallel and get our country back.

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