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Monday, 13 December 2010

Swedes experience full benefits of third world immigration

Left: Aurora Borealis - Sweden.

Once a peaceful country with an almost non existent violent crime rate, Sweden has been swamped with third world immigrants over the last thirty years.

As a result rape and violent crime against the indigenous swedish people has increased markedly.

According to Wikipedia - The 2005 Swedish census showed an increase of 475,322 compared to the 1990 census, an average increase of 31,680 annually. During the 1990s, birth rate increased by more than 100,000 children per year while death rates fell and immigration surged. In the early 2000s, birth rate declined as immigration increased further, with the context of unrest in the Middle East, upholding steady population growth.

Recently the Brussels Journal reported - Malmö in Sweden, set to become the first Scandinavian city with a Muslim majority within a decade or two, has nine times as many reported robberies per capita as Copenhagen, Denmark.

As in England the most unacceptable facet of mass third world immigration is the violence and abuse directed at the indigenous female population.

In these cases the full extent of the lefts disease is illustrated, for what kind of people make excuses for invaders who attack their own sisters, mothers and daughters?

Now a Iraqi Swedish citizen has attempted a suicide bombing in Stockholm.

The usual reason is given, the countries involvement in Afghanistan/Iraq and so on, if it wasn't that it would be about cartoons, or headscarves or any number of excuses to push the envelope that extra mile.

The truth is Sweden's Muslim population is growing fast, the goal is an Islamic state, just as it is in other European countries with a sizable Muslim population, maybe now more Swedes will wake up and recognise the threat that lives among them?

The Swedish people would be well advised to vote for the National Democracy Party - known for street protests and sustained activism, they are friends of the BNP and also allied to us in Europe.

Sweden we are with you!


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