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Thursday, 23 December 2010

Out of work? 20 'Psychic readers' required to work in Birmingham

Left: A job description from a job centre in Birmingham, Click to enlarge.

So the mainstream parties aren't lying after all when they say there is plenty of jobs to apply for?

What a joke!

Vote British National Party to end the transfer of British jobs overseas.

It is not due to 'competitive necessity' that our jobs have been shipped to China and India, no, it is greed by a few capitalists at the top!

The (far) left state that much, but they don't talk about illegal immigrants (being illigally employed for slave wages) undercutting taxi firms, drivers, kitchen staff, carers?, grocerors, chip shops, mechanics, estate agents, and other 'bread and butter' businesses here in Britain.

Who will speak up on these issues without politically correct 'tiptoeing'?

Maybe UKIP will...don't hold your breathe on that one.

Vote BNP!


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