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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Running battles and shootings erupt in Birmingham (between black and Pakistani drug gangs)

Left: B6 slash Mob of Aston Birmingham.

"I feel sorry for your mothers".

However, I feel more sorry for the mothers of the indigenous youth of Birmingham, who have to put up with the likes of such scum.

The Sunday Mercury omitts any race details from this story. Bordsley Green is 90% Muslim however.

The Mercury mentions the B6 Slash gang from Aston. This episode appears to be more black/Asian drug warfare on the streets of Birmingham.

Large area's of Birmingham are now major centres for Heroin dealing, Cocain dealing, and Marajuna production.

And Birmingham was in the running for the recent Capitol of culture bid.

What a joke!

Capitol of multicultural crime would be more fitting.

Below B6 Slash mob (presumably as in slash you with a knife) video.

The Sunday Mercury reports four people, including a 16 year-old girl, were shot outside a busy Birmingham pub after gang violence erupted on the city’s streets.

The running battle was sparked by an argument in the Victoria Inn in Cattell Road, Bordesley Green area at about 2.20am yesterday morning.

The young girl and three men, who were all in their 20s, needed hospital treatment after the shoot-out.

None of those injured had life-threatening injuries but the shocking incident brought back memories of the deaths of Letisha Shakespeare, 17, and Charlene Ellis, 18, who were shot dead by mistake outside a hair salon in Aston in January 2003.

Eye-witnesses said a fight started inside the pub during a party and spilled out onto the road, where at least six shots were fired.

The 16 year-old girl was hit by a bullet in the stomach. The injuries sustained by the men were last night unknown.

A number of those involved were believed to be from the B6 Slash gang, which comes from Aston, sparking renewed fears of tit-for-tat violence.

“There were a set of lads arguing over something,” said a teenage girl who was in the Victoria at the time.

“They started fighting. Suddenly, lots of them were punching this one boy.

“He was going to leave the pub to escape them, but people were telling him to stay put because someone outside had a gun.

“I stayed in the pub but they all went out into the street.

“I heard six shots fired. The girl got hit in the stomach but it was from an accidental ricochet.

“I was terrified. The police came about 30 minutes later and everyone got sent home.”

Another witness told how one injured youngster fled the gang violence, before collapsing more than 300 yards away. Read more


Kirsty 23 July 2010 at 14:52  

I think you would benefit from changing your world view.

Shed the racism, perhaps?

Go to university, read books, travel, fall in love. Do something other than devote so much energy to hatred. You'll feel better. The world is beautiful.

Anonymous 24 July 2010 at 16:35  


Tell that to Kevin Tripps family (the guy on the right side of my blog).

He was killed in broad daylight, the sentence 4 1/2 years!

Tell it to the kid with his face slashed up for nothing more than being white (also on the right side of the blog).

I have been to uni, read books, traveled, and been in love.

It's about truth, and the feeling of responsibility to show people the truth.

Anonymous 24 March 2011 at 20:09  

The Itchy Trigger Finger Niggas lol

Anonymous 28 January 2012 at 05:35  

wow.. you're an absolute moron bro! i mean you're whole blog is a joke! talk about selective reporting... If I created a blog targeting whites I would just have to look for the most atrocious crimes in the history of great Britain like the roster of serial killers, the dun blane shootings, the two last gunmen raul moat, and the other fella that started shooting and took his own life as well before raull moat... these are all white people, I'm not being racist because I am white. They didn't do these things because they were white, they happened to be white.. its a skin colour, get over it. No doubt if all those people I mentioned happened to be black they would be doing those things because they were black.. (don't you realise how stupid that sounds?) This is a nation built upon hundreds of years of immigration and trade with foreign countries jackass, and if it wasn't for the immigrants you slate in your blog then this country would be a third would country because our economy was absolutely destroyed almost beyond repair by WWII, we had no option but to bring in immigrants... So like Kirsty said, I don't think you have travelled the world because you don't seem very enlightened, you seem ignorant to the truth, irrational, paranoid and moronic. Stop making yourself look bad posting this nonsense, because if you believe that there weren't horrific crimes and perfect living in Britain before immigration then you, sir, are ignorant to history or simply uneducated.

Anonymous 1 February 2012 at 18:35  

Anonymous 28th Jan

Your comment is naive and ridiculous I wasn't going to publish it - however I don't like censorship.

It's not selective reporting, blacks and other 3rd world savages have brought the 'gang culture' to England and have made the country a dangerous multiracial hell hole (London. Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford).

You are a self hating pro white genocide animal!

Mass immigration (from the 3rd world) is turning England into a third world cesspit.

You can't have a 1st world civilization with a 3rd world population.

Just look at Detroit, New Jersey or Haiti to see what I mean. Better still go and take your self hate pro white genocide ass to a place which is 90% plus black and see how you fair.

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