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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Birmingham school with 30 languages where teachers talk to pupils through a computer translator

Left: Manor Primary school in Aston Birmingham.

Imagine being a white British kid in this hell hole.

The Daily Mail reports A school where 60 per cent of pupils speak English as a second language has invested in electronic translators for every child so they can communicate with teachers.

Manor Park Primary in Aston, Birmingham, which has 384 pupils of 32 different ethnicities, is the first school in Britain to provide translators for all of its children and to make the tools an integral part of every lesson.

The technology enables teachers to type messages to pupils which are then translated into the 19 native tongues of children with no English.

Another 11 languages are spoken by pupils who have some English.

And with figures showing that one in six primary pupils speaks a different language at home - double the number ten years ago - the technology could soon become a permanent feature in many more schools.
Computer Translator

The 'Talking Tutor' can verbally translate English into 25 languages including Polish, Urdu, Pakistani and Chinese. A further 200 languages can be translated on-screen. Read more


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