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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Boris Johnson brings back disgraced deputy Ray Lewis

Left: London mayor Boris Johnson with disgraced Ray Lewis (now brought back by Boris).

It appears if you are black you can lie on your c.v, get fired, and return to your previous post two years later!

MR Lewis said he had been a magistrate, this was proved to be untrue.

Mr Lewis had also faced allegations of sexual and financial misconduct, these allegations have been 'swept under the carpet' as Lewis is reappointed as an adviser by the bumbling Boris Johnson.

This is London reports A former deputy mayor of Boris Johnson's was brought back into the fold at City Hall today two years after he quit in disgrace.

Ray Lewis, who resigned after the Standard revealed he had lied about being a magistrate, was welcomed back by the Mayor to help spearhead a new drive against youth crime.

Mr Lewis will be part of a team aiming to recruit 1,000 men as "mentors" to help prevent boys from troubled backgrounds being drawn into gang violence.

Richard Taylor, the father of knife-victim Damilola, and the Metropolitan Black Police Association will also have key roles in the Time for Action campaign. Mr Lewis and Mr Taylor will not be paid in their volunteer roles.

Mr Lewis's return as an adviser appeared to be a deliberate attempt by Mr Johnson to rehabilitate his friend. Read more


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