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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Diane Abbott (anti white Socialist) gets torn apart on 'This week'

Left: Anti white racist, and socialist hypocrite Diane Abbott.

She is so proud of her black identity she decided to change her hair to the European style. Some oestrogen injections might be a good idea too Diane.

Diane Abbott is a despicable creature, MP for Hackney she openly concentrates on black constituents, while regularly insulting the memory of the great 'dead white men' who made this country a world leader during the Victorian period.

She berates white people, and constantly plays down black crime in London, while simultaneously talking up the odd black kid who manages to scrape a few A levels.

Unusually Andrew Neil (this week host) abandons his p.c routine and grills Diane Abbott on the comments she has made in recent months.

Good stuff. Hat tip 21st Century British Nationalism


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