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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Another British person dead after being treated by a third world trained doctor

As the 'MSM' and liberal 'talking heads' continue to preach to us 'the NHS would collapse without non white doctors', another British person is dead, thanks to the incompetence of a third world trained, immigrant practitioner.

There have been at least two serious cases in Great Barr alone in the last two years. Think carefully about the G.P you use, especially for elderly relatives who might not survive the mal-practice which is so common amongst third world, non white doctors in England.

The Sunday Mercury reports A bungling Midland doctor has been struck off after telling a seriously ill patient that he was just suffering from alcohol withdrawal – hours before he died from pneumonia.

Madumita Mitra made the wrong diagnosis during a house call in Great Barr, Birmingham.

The male patient had tell-tale signs of pneumonia including a painful cough and shortness of breath. But instead of sending him to hospital, the medic diagnosed alcohol withdrawal.

The patient died three hours later.

Last week Dr Mitra, who qualified as a medic in India in 1991, was hauled before the General Medical Council (GMC) to face misconduct charges.

The panel ruled that her actions were so serious they had no choice but to remove her name from the medical register.

“You made serious departures from the relevant professional standards,” said panel chairman Professor Stephen Miller.

“You did serious harm to the patient through clinical misconduct.

“As a result, there would be a continuing risk to patients if you were to resume practise.

“You have shown persistent lack of insight into the seriousness of your actions and their consequences. Read more

It seems the practice is still open for business should any great Barr residents need treatment... Location & Contact Details

K T Prasad & Partners
9 Twickenham Road
Birmingham, B44 0NN
Phone: 0121-373-0916

The same doctors surgery was involved in 'a catalouge of failures' in 2005. It appears they moved after a G.P, Dr Bishnu Deo Narayan Singh who worked at K T Prasad, had restrictions imposed on him by the GMC (General Medical Council).

Their old address 2005
Dr Prasad K T
6 Dyas Road, Great Barr, Birmingham, B448SF

This is Sutton Coldfield reported in 2008 A general practitioner in Great Barr committed a 'catalogue of failures' and has had conditions imposed on his doctor's registration, following a fitness to practise hearing last month.

Dr Bishnu Deo Narayan Singh, practising at Dr Kumar Prasad & Partners surgery in Dyas Road, has had 17 restrictions applied after complaints were made about advice given at an out-of-hours service in Warwickshire.

The GP in one incident falsely recorded his history taking. In several others he failed to take an adequate medical history from his patients and was then unable to make a safe diagnosis.

The General Medical Council said that during seven calls from December 2004 to April 2005, Dr Singh's actions were 'inappropriate, not in the best interests of patients and below the standards of a reasonably competent GP'.

The council had received a complaint from Warwickshire Primary Care Trust on October 10 2006 following a review of calls from the service.

They found that on Boxing Day 2004, Dr Singh gave advice without asking questions. In April 2005 he did not inquire about a pregnant woman's history or offer a home visit.

The GP was said to have treated a patient's relative 'discourteously' in February 2005.

Conditions imposed include that he must no longer work as a locum, undertake any out-of-hours work or on-call duties.

The GMC fitness to practice panel chairperson told Dr Singh: "The matters found proved against you in relation to your work in the out of hours service constitute a catalogue of failures on your part.

"The multiple complaints amount to serious failures on your part to meet many of the fundamental principles and standards of professional conduct as set out in Good Medical Practice." Read more


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