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Thursday, 17 June 2010

BBC staff experience 'cultural enrichment' in South Africa

Left: Multicult supporter and 'Big question' presenter Nicky Campbell.

BBC staff and presenters are constantly telling us how great it is being 'enriched' by third world immigrants, and that multiculturalism has made Britain a great place to live.

At the same time White British people are being robbed, raped, and killed in increasing numbers by third world immigrants and their descendants.

Now these hypocrites know what it is like to be a minority in a hostile environment.

Mirror news reports

Two BBC staff suffered a terrifying mugging at gunpoint at the World Cup.

The Radio 5 Live breakfast show crew feared for their lives as recording equipment and personal items were taken. The duo, who were followed and cornered by at least two gunmen, handed over belongings and escaped injury, but were "shaken and in tears".

Tuesday's robbery took place in South Africa's largest city, Johannesburg.

A Beeb source said: "It was incredibly traumatic. They feared for their lives."

In a separate incident, breakfast presenter Nicky Campbell had his wallet stolen in South Africa yesterday. Article

Thanks to West Country Patriot


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