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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Shard End pensioners' club could close because of council cuts

Left: Shard End pensioners club at Shard End day centre.

Today in Britain our so called government (the Coalition) has raised foreign aid from 9 billion pounds a year to 12 billion pounds a year.

Not only that, Birmingham has so many third world immigrants that white British children are now a minority in their own city.

Type 2 diabetes is up to six times more common in people of South Asian descent and up to three times more common among people of African and African-Caribbean origin.

• According to the Health Survey for England 2004, doctor-diagnosed diabetes is almost four times as prevalent in Bangladeshi men, and almost three times as prevalent in Pakistani and Indian men compared with men in the general population.

The cost of diabetes to the National Health Service stands at approximately £1 million per hour, and is increasing rapidly, a new report indicates. As many as 2.75 million people in the UK now have diabetes, the latest figures show.

Furthermore, a South Asian is 3 times more likely to be born with a learning/physical disability due to the first cousin marriage culture within those communities, not to mention the high level of mental health in the 'black community', I could go on...

Bearing these things in mind the pensioners in Shard End may be losing their community centre due to budget cuts, get the picture?

The traitor Cameron proudly boasts everything is being cut except international development (foreign aid) and health.

In the picture (top of post) you see all white British pensioners (bar one) many of which fought for this country in ww2 and scrimped by on rationing until 1954.

Shard End is a majority white, working class area, it's likely that most of the pensioners in the picture voted for the Labour Party.

Labour are well known for canvassing old peoples homes and say centres to groom the 'silver vote'.

Not surprising such an area has 3 Labour Councillors and the MP for the Constituency is also Labour.

None of them seem interested in saving the pensioners club however or it wouldn't be facing closure.

They should all hang their heads in shame!

The Biringham Mail reports
- A CLUB for the elderly and disabled in Birmingham is set to close after 40 years because the city council is taking away its grant.

Shard End Day Centre receives £14,000 a year from the council’s Adults and Communities Directorate.

But now it has been told its grant will stop at the end of March because of council cutbacks.

Devastated members were told the news this week and now the club is frantically scratching around for grants and handouts from other organisations in a bid to keep going.

The centre meets twice a week at Shard End Community Centre and has around 30 members.

It receives £3,500 a quarter from the council which it uses to pay for the hire of the room and for two cooks to prepare the members’ meals.

Members, virtually all of whom live alone, pay £3.75 each per session and for this receive tea, coffee, a hot lunch and during the summer, day trips. Read more

Shard End is in the Constituency of Hodge Hill.

The MP for Hodge Hill is Liam Byrne (Pictured - camapining the prodominantly white ward of Shard End with Asians).

Please spare a minute to email phone MR Byrne MP and ask what he plans to do about the pensioners club.

There is nothing about it on his website here

There are 3 ways to contact Liam.

1. Ring the office on 0121 789 7287 to speak to a member of Liam’s team.

2. Write to Liam at the House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

3. E-mail Liam at

Liam Byrne with Barrister Sultan Mahmood Choudhary at his home in Islamabad

You scratch my back I'll scratch yours Liam?

If you happen to be a resident of Shard End you may also want to contact your local councillor and object to the closure of the pensioners group.

Shard End ward: Local councillors

Ian Ward (Lab)

50 Saxondale Avenue



West Midlands

B26 1LR


Tel: 0121 680 8839

Office Expires in 2011.

Marje Bridle (Lab)

23 Hawthorn Road
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B72 1ES

Tel: 0121) 354 9655

John Cotton (Lab)

Council House
Victoria Square
West Midlands
B1 1BB

Tel: (0121) 303 2039

Office Expires in 2014.

Hodge Hill Constituency

The constituency covers a diverse area of east Birmingham, including the predominantly Asian inner-city area of Washwood Heath and the mostly white area of Shard End on the city's eastern boundary, as well as Hodge Hill itself. The constituency is one of the most deprived in the region and contains very few middle-class residents.


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