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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Karen Chouhan on the Equalities Bill

Karen Chouhan talks about 'black and ethnic minority disadvantage', what are these disadvantages?

She is a 'race hustler', who makes a living from telling Europeans, that they should do more to help black/Asian people overpopulate the whole of the Western World.

Her website states she was - Recipient of the 2008 'Woman Warrior – Trailblazer Award' from the Reverend Jesse Jackson at the Rainbow Push Coalition New York Wall Street Economic Summit.

Clearly you have learnt from the best in the business Karen!

The video is from the utube channel of Operation Black vote, the title of this organisation is racist against whites (as are their ojectives)...who cares?

we are supposed to move over and let black/Asian people take over everything our forefathers worked and died for right?

Wrong, the equalities bill discriminates against white people in employment, education and housing, it is a symbol of Marxism and would be scrapped under a nationalist government.

Vote British National Party unless you want your children's education to be dictated by race hustlers such as Karen Chouhan et al.


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